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All oral presentations must be prepared in MicroSoft PowerPoint 2007 format or older versions. If you have a newer version of PowerPoint your presentation can be saved as a 2007 or older version. Select the older version in the ‘Save’ window by changing the selection in the ‘Save as type’ dropdown menu.
 All oral presentations must be submitted by JUNE 24th to allow for modifications should the presentation not be compatible with the conference projection system. Memory sticks, DVDs or CDs will NOT BE ACCEPTED at the conference site!
 Presentations must be submitted according to the following instructions:
 FTP Instructions
 A web-based file transfer service such as can be used to FTP files.
1.   Name file with your Society letters, followed by your name. Example: (CSAPapadopoulosYousef.ppt)
2.   Open the FTP website: (eg. )
3.   In the first step indicated, click on the ‘ADD FILE’ radio button and select your PowerPoint file name.
4.   In the second step indicated, enter the following email address:
5.   Click on the ‘Send IT!’ radio button.
6.   Finally, please email: with a message indicating the name of the file that has been sent by FTP.
However, if your security firewall blocks access to web-based FTP service providers (eg. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) please follow the instructions below:
  1.  Name file with your Society letters, followed by your name.
    Example: (CSAPapadopoulosYousef.ppt)
  2.  For Windows, paste the address below into the address bar of ‘My Computer’, ‘Computer’ or ‘Explorer’ (depending on the version of Windows) and press enter:
  3. Right click on the white space of the window to bring up a menu.
  4. Choose the Login as option.
  5. A login window will appear, choose the Log on anonymously option in the lower left corner of the window. You do not need a password, or use your own email address as a password.
  6. Drag and drop or copy and paste your file onto the window and close.
  7. Finally, please email: with a message indicating the name of the file that has been uploaded. Files are wiped from this FTP site every 7days (weekends) so unless an email message is sent your PowerPoint presentation may be lost. (Avoid submitting PPTs on weekends if possible).
NOTE: If you have any questions please email them to:
Presentation Preparation
Presentation times will be 12 minutes followed by 3 minutes of questions.
All slides should be in horizontal orientation (landscape) to best fit screen dimensions.
Use contrasting colours (eg. white lettering on a dark blue background) so that the information can be clearly seen by everyone in a large room.
Text on slides can be most easily read when using the PowerPoint default font size (32) and number of lines of text per slide (7) for clarity.
DO NOT cut and paste into PowerPoint, tables or figures from publications. These rarely have font sizes and line thicknesses suitable for visual clarity upon projection. If you are uncertain about preparing tables and figures that are visually clear when projected, use the PowerPoint utilities to create tables and graphics. Tables can be most easily read when limited to about 4 columns and 7 rows.
Presentation Tips
Practice your presentation out loud speaking slowly and clearly making certain that the presentation does not exceed 12 minutes.
Do not read what is on the slide. Slide material should just summarize highlights. Present your information in a lively manner and make eye contact with your audience.
If you are speaking about material not on a slide, insert a blank background slide so the audience is focused on what you are saying and not the information on the slide.
Questions from the audience should be repeated by the speaker before answering the question so everyone clearly understands the question being answered.


   Chair: Dr. Y. Papadopoulos, 902-896-2452 - Yousef.Papadopoulos@agr.gc.caPlant Canada Webmaster
Joint meeting of the CSHS, CSA, CSPP, CWSS, CPS and CBA