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11.09  Quorum at Members' Meetings - A quorum at any Meeting of the Members
       (unless a greater number of Members are required to be present by the Act)
       shall be a majority of the Members represented at the Members Meeting by
       Delegates entitled to vote at the meeting. If a quorum is present at the
       opening of a Meeting of Members, the Members present may proceed with
       the business of the Members Meeting even if a quorum is not present
       throughout the meeting. For purposes of clarification, if there are six Voting
       Class Members, a quorum shall require not less than four Members be in
       attendance as represented by not less than one Delegate for each of such

11.10 Chair - The President of the Board (or in the President's absence a designate
         appointed by the Board by Resolution) shall act as Chair of all Meetings of

11.11 Majority Vote - At all Meetings of Members, every motion shall be determined
         by Resolution, being a simple majority vote of those Delegates voting who are
         present, unless otherwise provided for by the Act or elsewhere in the General
         Operating By-law. In the event of a tie vote, the Chair, in addition to his or her '
         original vote, shall have a second or casting vote if in the Chair's sole
         discretion, the Chair decides to exercise such casting vote.

11.12 Voting Procedure - Every motion submitted to any Meeting of Members shall
         be decided by a show of hands, or an oral confirmation that the Member is
         either in favour of or opposed to the motion except where a ballot is requested
         as stated below. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chair of the Meeting
         of Members, either by a show of hand or by ballot, as applicable, has the
         discretion to exercise a casting vote. At any Meeting of Members unless a
         ballot is provided, a declaration by the Chair that a motion has been carried or
         carried unanimously or by a particular majority or lost or not carried by a
         particular majority shall be conclusive evidence of the fact. A secret ballot
         may be held upon the request of any Delegate and shall be taken in such
         manner as the Chair directs. The result of a secret ballot shall be deemed to
         be the decision of the Meeting of Members at which the secret ballot was
         held. A request for a secret ballot may be withdrawn.

11.13 Voting Rights and Proxies - All votes at any Meeting of Members may only be
         cast personally. No proxy voting by Delegates will be permitted.

11.14  Adjournment - The Chair may with the consent of the Meeting of Members
       adjourn the same from time to time to a fixed time and place and no notice of
       such adjournment need be given to the Members. Any business may be
       brought before or dealt with at any adjourned Meeting of Members which
       might have been brought before or dealt with at the original Meeting of
       Members in accordance with the notice calling the same.
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