P. 20

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       from time to time designate, direct or authorize.

26.05  Auditor- The Voting Members of Plant Canada shall at the Annual Meeting
       of Members appoint an Auditor who shall not be a member of the Board or
       an Officer or employee of Plant Canada or a partner or employee of any such
       Person. The Auditor so appointed shall meet the qualifications of a public
       accountant pursuant to the provisions of Section 180 of the Act and shall
       hold office as Auditor until the next Annual Meeting of Members of Plant

26.06 The Auditor shall have all the rights and privileges and be subject to the
          provisions set out in the Act and shall perform the audit function as
          prescribed therein.

26.07  Notice of any Meeting of Members shall be given to the Auditor as required
       pursuant to the Act. The Auditor shall have the right to attend a Meeting of
       Members at the expense of Plant Canada and be heard on matters relating
       to his duties. The Auditor is to be given formal notice of the Annual Meeting
       of Members in accordance with the Notice provisions of this By-law.

26.08  Method of Giving Any Notice - Any notice (which term includes any
       communication or document), other than notice of a Meeting of Members or
       a meeting of the Board of Directors, to be given (which term includes sent,
       delivered or served) pursuant to the Act, the Articles, the By-laws or
       otherwise to a Director, Officer, Member or Committee Member or to the
       Auditor shall be sufficiently given:

       (a) if delivered personally to the Person to whom it is to be given or if
               delivered to such Person's address as shown in the records of Plant
               Canada or in the case of notice to a Director to the latest address as
               shown in the last notice that was sent by Plant Canada in accordance
               with Section 128 (Notice of Directors) or 134 (Notice of change of
               Directors) of the Act;

       (b) if mailed to such Person at such Person's recorded address by
               prepaid ordinary or air mail;

       (c) if sent to such Person by telephonic, electronic or other
               communication facility at such Person's recorded address for that
               purpose; or

       (d) if provided in the form of an electronic document in accordance with
               Part 17 of the Act.

       A notice so delivered shall be deemed to have been given when it is
       delivered personally or to the recorded address as aforesaid; a notice so
       mailed shall be deemed to have been given when deposited in a post office
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